“with you, every breath you take”

I have worked with many families postnatally for many different reasons.  As a postnatal doula, I am flexible and together we can tailor an individualised plan to support you and your family as you adjust to having another precious bundle in your home.  Sometimes I support a family as a one-off, and sometimes the support can last anything from a few weeks to a couple of years.

Here are some examples of a Postnatal Doula’s support:

Assist with light household duties (laundry, cooking, general tidy-up)

Assist with siblings

Support with breastfeeding which may include signposting you towards professional breastfeeding support if relevant

Offering encouragement to mum to rest whilst the doula looks after your new baby

Anne is much more than a doula. From the very first days and weeks she was one of the only people I could really relax with and felt secure enough to leave the baby with in order to get some sleep during the day or have a shower. ‘ Nora

As she is a regular visitor to your home, she is sensitive to your needs and supports you to have the most positive time with your new family.

The aim is to empower the family to take care of itself with confidence and facilitate this by helping in the home and offering encouragement and suggestions.

From the first meeting we found Anne’s personable, sympathetic and non-judgemental character very appealing and knew that she was the perfect person to help us through this turbulent and emotionally overwhelming period in our lives.’  Victoria & James.

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