“with you, every breath you take”

A postnatal doula supports a new family for the first few weeks after the birth of a baby.  A trained doula can be contracted to work for blocks of several hours every day or every other day for a period of a week or many weeks.  She works flexible hours to suit the individual needs of a family, offering practical and emotional support to new parents in their home.

Here are some examples of a Postnatal Doula’s support:

Assist with light household duties (laundry, cooking, general tidy-up)

Assist with siblings

Support with breastfeeding which may include signposting you towards professional breastfeeding support if relevant

Offering encouragement to mum to rest whilst the doula looks after your new baby

As she is a regular visitor to your home, she is sensitive to your needs and supports you to have the most positive time with your new family.

The aim is to empower the family to take care of itself with confidence and facilitate this by helping in the home and offering encouragement and suggestions.

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