More and more families are hearing about the benefits of doula support during one of the most exhilarating and precious experiences in their lives:

  • a doula will help you to prepare for the birth and the early days of parenting
  • chat through all your options related to birthing your baby
  • support you to make informed decisions for giving birth which leads to peace of mind and increased confidence
  • listen to your expectations, and talk about the reality!
  • discuss any previous birth experiences
  • confirm your birth preferences
  • give your partner emotional and practical support too
  • continuous presence during your labour and birth
  • respect your experience
  • make no judgements
  • respectful of the birthing partner’s role
  • trust mum’s instinct to birth and care for her baby

As a Birth Doula my aim is to instil you with confidence and trust in your body, to provide you with information to make informed decisions about your care and to continuously support you during your birth so that your experience is a positive one, which you will look back on with happiness, pride and satisfaction.

As a Postnatal Doula  I work flexible hours to suit your family and circumstances to offer practical and emotional support in your home following the birth of your baby.  My aim is to ensure you are happy after the birth of your baby and your family adjusts to the latest family member!

Research has shown that using a doula will assist in:

  • shorter labours
  • fewer complications
  • reduction in caesarean procedures
  • reduction in oxytocin use
  • reduction in epidural requests
  • reduction in other medical interventions such as use of forceps and vacuum

There is overwhelming evidence that doulas have a positive effect on birth outcomes and benefit mothers directly:

  • increased satisfaction with birth experience
  • less postpartum depression
  • shorter hospital stays
  • increased success of breastfeeding

Latest evidence in support of doulas can be found here.