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Supporting you through pregnancy, loss, labour, childbirth and beyond.

Anne with a doula client

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I’m Anne Glover, an experienced doula based in Northern Ireland, co-founder of Northern Ireland’s first doula collective, and an award-winning HypnoBirthing educator.

Since 2015, I’ve had the privilege of supporting over 200 families through their unique birthing journeys.

Whether you’re preparing for childbirth, navigating the postnatal period, or seeking emotional and practical support, I’m here here to help you every step of the way.

How I can help you

I offer various packages to support you through pregnancy, labour, birth and afterwards at home 

    • Birth Doula

      Be fully prepared for birth, 
      comforted and reassured during labour.

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    • Postnatal Doula

      Support as you adapt to a new wee baby at home and recover physically and emotionally.

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    • Hypnobirthing

      Lose fear or anxiety around birthing or parenting. Gain tools for your best birthing experience.

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    Anne with a doula client

    Kind words

    here are some reviews from my clients – read more here

      All the stars – everything her title says and more When I started my research on finding a doula in Northern Ireland I came upon Anne’s profile after scanning all the others and immediately knew she was who I wanted just by smiling on seeing her picture and feeling warmth…

      I definitely recommend Anne as a doula, she is so considerate and is an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s friendly, energetic and makes you feel so so comfortable to be around.  From day one I knew Anne was the doula me and my partner wanted to help us birth…

      Anne was absolutely invaluable to us throughout my pregnancy. We heard about Anne through two different couples who both had home births. From the moment I got in contact with Anne I just loved her. Anne has such a calming presence and a wealth of knowledge on birthing. You can…

      First time mother and so glad I made the decision to have a doula.  Honestly, I could not imagine going through my labour without Anne.  My birth plan changed massively once I arrived at the hospital and everything I was afraid of happening happened.  But I was so grateful Anne…

      After a traumatic first birth, I knew that I wanted to do things differently for my second baby.  I contacted Anne and was struck by her warm and understanding manner.  My husband and I were seeking more continuity of care and support than we had previously experienced… Anne provided this…

      Our third birth has been quite the ride, with a pregnancy through Covid, online zoom HypnoBirthing, to an induced hospital birth and emergency delivery! We know for certain we wouldn’t have got through it all as well without your influence, guidance, knowledge and presence… We are very grateful.  The involvement…

      After a first traumatic birth in hospital without doula support, we decided to reach out to Anne and she has been our doula for our second and third babies. Both had very different birth stories and these experiences have made my husband and I big advocates for doulas! Our second…

      We are truly privileged to have Anne as our doula.  A friend had shared her own experience of using this type of support and I knew I wanted and needed the same for the birth of my daughter. Anne held a safe space where I and my husband were able…

      My wife Evelyn and I were expecting our first child and she wanted a doula because she does not have any family here and my own mother is no longer with us. We discovered Anne’s website and arranged an initial meeting which went extremely well. We found Anne very easy…

      I hired Anne as my doula for the birth of my second child (a planned HBAC) and she was absolutely amazing. Anne was with me every step of the way through my pregnancy, supporting and offering guidance to help me make important decisions. My labour was very long, but she…