TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!  I am delighted to offer shared doula services to families in Northern Ireland with Doulas NI! There are four of us in this doula collective and together we are able to bring a wider variety of experience, skills and talents to provide the best doula service ever! We have known each other for a long time, and share the same philosophy and beliefs when it comes to anything to do with pregnancy, birth, babies and parents’ choices.  We are all registered doulas with Doula UK. Between us, we have attended over 200 births and supported even more families.  We often support each other as back-up and it makes perfect sense for us to work together when we can.

So how is this service different to any other?  Shared care means you choose to have two of us to support you throughout pregnancy,  labour and childbirth, and the early days postnatally, so you have both our extensive expertise, knowledge and experience.  We would first suggest meeting with you informally at no obligation and then you decide!  Each or both of us would attend the two antenatal visits, and then you would receive a monthly rota from us from two weeks before you baby is due,  so you always know who to call when you go into labour.  Another advantage is that we can tag-tail each other, so we can be refreshed and have a break if your labour goes on longer than 24 hours.   You will always have consistency of care as there will one or other of us with you at all times.

Usually both of us attend the postnatal visit at your home so again, you have the benefit of both our extensive knowledge and support.  It’s a win, win for you!

‘My husband and I highly recommend Sara and Anne’s doula services. There is so much to the birthing process and they are your amazing guides and cheerleaders. They have access to a wealth of information and resources which was great for our family because things come up and you sometimes need extra information and you don’t have time or energy  to do hours of research, They respect your decisions and are your advocates. At hospital no matter how careful staff try to be other your birth plan, shifts change and so this is a great way to have someone advocate and look after your wishes/needs. They keep a calm, caring head even during dramatic moments which was so helpful to both mommy and daddy. This was a great investment, making my daughter’s birth the best experience possible. Was it easy—no— but they made such a difference before during and after,  thanks ladies!!’

‘Having the support of doulas for a multiples pregnancy was very important to us as we strove to have a natural birth with minimal interventions.’