“After a first traumatic birth in hospital without doula support, we decided to reach out to Anne and she has been our doula for our second and third babies. Both had very different birth stories and these experiences have made my husband and I big advocates for doulas!

Our second was born peacefully and quickly at home with midwives – a wonderful healing birth which Anne helped us fight for. Her wisdom through pregnancy and calm presence during labour was so reassuring.

Last year, I contacted Anne again to make sure she was available to be our doula again for baby number 3. We were planning another home birth but unfortunately I developed rare blood antibodies which led to a decision to induce labour early and birth in hospital. This was going to make having the support of a doula even more valuable for us.

I was really unsettled by the lack of continuity of care in hospital. We were bumped around between midwives and consultants during pregnancy and I was upset that I would likely have complete strangers looking after me and baby during birth.

Anne helped me feel so much better about this as, even though midwives and doctors changed shifts, she was by my side through the entire labour. Whilst the medical staff focused on taking notes and adjusting the monitors and machines, she was focused on supporting me and my husband.

I remember Anne telling me that I could say ‘stop’ at any time and that was so reassuring. She set up lights and made the room cozy for us, which made being in a hospital room feel so much less threatening and austere. When I declined a suggested intervention, she was there to back me up and make me feel that I could say no and be respected. This was so important to me as I feel so vulnerable in labour!

After our home birth, I thought that doula care was a nice little extra. But after a much better experience giving birth in the hospital where I previously had such a difficult time, I’m convinced that a doula makes all the difference and that every woman should have access to doula care. Anne helped to make a stressful early induction into a birth I can remember with peace and joy.” Lauren

“I had my first baby in the height of lockdowns and felt my birth wishes were steamrolled. When I found out I was pregnant again I knew this time I needed a doula and thankfully found Anne. As soon as my husband and I met her we knew we needed her on our team. We decided we would also do hypnobirthing through Anne and the skills I learned in that course were unbelievably beneficial. Anne not only supported me during labour, but she was a godsend during my entire pregnancy which went on 18 days past my estimated due date. Unfortunately my husband was unable to attend the birth of our baby due to him being with our toddler, but I had Anne and her bag of magic by my side and felt so supported. Again in the hospital there were bumps and some who tried to dismiss my wishes. When this happened Anne would swoop in as an amazing advocate. Because of Anne I ended up having a beautiful unmedicated water birth to my 9 pound 11 ounce baby. If it wasn’t for Anne I would have likely ended up in theatre with a section. My husband and I both have said multiple times that Anne will be one of the first people we call if we decide to have a third baby.” Sarah

Our hypnobirthing sessions with Anne totally equipped us for our birth, and gave me the confidence to make my own decisions around my options whilst in labour. Although my birthing experience wasn’t what I’d hoped for, the breathing and relaxation techniques I had learnt and applied helped me through labour with only gas and air and the knowledge gained from the sessions helped me to make the right and safe decisions quickly for delivering our daughter in the end. Without Anne I would not have had the confidence to stand up for myself and stand my ground. Anne’s guidance was invaluable and prepared us for this journey and her support afterwards goes above and beyond.” Hannah


“I contacted Anne early in my pregnancy and she provided me with so much support and guidance all the way through. She always listened to my concerns and happily discussed all my options and fully supported any decisions I made.  

Anne was invaluable during my birth, she helped me to remain calm, focus on my breathing and her massaging technique helped me immensely through my contractions. I would not have been able to get through them without pain relief without Anne’s help and support. 

I will be forever grateful to her for ensuring I had such a positive birth experience and the safe delivery of my little baby boy 💙” Laura

“All the stars – everything her title says and more
When I started my research on finding a doula in Northern Ireland I came upon Anne’s profile after scanning all the others and immediately knew she was who I wanted just by smiling on seeing her picture and feeling warmth in reading her bio. She was quick to respond to my long distance query as I had not moved there yet and we stayed in touch through the process until it was third trimester and my partner and I were ready to meet and see if it was a good fit.
After the meeting, my partner said, “I think it would be hard to find anyone better suited for us.” And then he suggested that we do the full doula package and hypnobirthing.
Anne’s motherly presence in every way was consistent through every aspect of our interactions. She is highly knowledgeable on all things birthing and incredibly supportive of the natural and intuitive ways that we choose to live by. Through the hypnobirthing course it was most beneficial for us to separate time together, relax and allow for the seeds of knowledge to implant. Once the birthing process started I could see and feel exactly what Anne taught us and when she was present her words and reminders were exactly what I needed.
I could write a story on its own all about our relationship and how valuable Anne has become to our little family. And will just finalize by saying, she is the best addition to our lives through this and we are just so grateful that she was available and wanting to be our doula.” Nicole
“Anne supported my husband and me for my 2nd pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. 
I can sing Anne’s praises all day long! She’s a wonderful doula and I recommend her to every family welcoming a new baby. 
Her presence in our antenatal and postnatal journey has, in my opinion, almost certainly saved me from trauma and anxiety that I experienced with the birth of our first baby where we were quite alone in March 2020. 
I feel very fortunate to have decided to include a doula for pregnancy, labour and birth. I’m over the moon to have found Anne and that she was willing and able to help us. 
On many occasions Anne signposted me to resources or practitioners whether the topic was hypnobirthing, parenting advice, acupuncture etc., helping me trust myself and increase my confidence in my decisions. Anne helped me prepare for my baby’s birth in such a gentle and energetic way, I loved it!
Anne fostered calmness when my husband and I were met with stressful challenges from the Trust when I’d chosen to birth at home outside of guidance. At the very same time, it was a joy to have Anne celebrate with excitement, the birth of our little baby and we were grateful for her experience and presence at his birth. She was able to support both my husband and me by subtly keeping us grounded with the plans we had made for our baby’s birth and gave 100% to my long labour which happened to be Mother’s day!
Whenever Anne arrived at our house, my shoulders would relax from being hunched up by my ears and I would subconsciously breathe much easier. Anne has a lovely, gentle and relaxed way about how she helps. 
I count myself very privileged to have had Anne help me navigate through this labour and postnatal period. She’s the best person to have in your corner!” Kelly

“I hired Anne as my doula for the birth of my second child (a planned HBAC) and she was absolutely amazing. Anne was with me every step of the way through my pregnancy, supporting and offering guidance to help me make important decisions.

My labour was very long, but she stayed with me the whole time. She advocated for me and made sure that every step of the way my voice was heard and that my decisions were respected.

I didn’t get the birth I wanted in the end, but I came away feeling positive about the birth. This is largely because throughout the birth I felt in control, respected and listened to and that’s thanks to Anne. I’m so glad I had Anne with me as my Doula, having her by my side advocating for me made all the difference and I’m so thankful to her!’ Bethany

“Anne was absolutely invaluable to us throughout my pregnancy. We heard about Anne through two different couples who both had home births. From the moment I got in contact with Anne I just loved her. Anne has such a calming presence and a wealth of knowledge on birthing. You can just tell that she loves her job so much. I had read a hypnobirthing book and done a free course already but I didn’t gain half the knowledge as I did with Anne’s course. I would recommend everyone to do the hypnobirthing with Anne. Anne really went above and beyond for me and I never would have been able to stand up for myself without her. The whole experience was so amazing and spiritual and helped to create a closer bond between myself, my partner and our baby boy. I will stay in contact with Anne and will not hesitate to have her involved in any future births we may have.” Rebecca

‘Fate brought Anne to us: It’s very difficult to sum up in a paragraph exactly how wonderful Anne is, not only as a doula but as a person. We were planning a home birth in water and my yoga teacher recommended Anne saying she had heard such great things about her, so we got in touch and we are forever grateful that we did! From the moment Anne spoke to me on the phone I could feel her warmth and energy and her passion for birth and babies. Anne had lots of knowledge about water birth and knew what to prepare. She called round to the house bringing all the equipment and going through hands on demos of positions and tools to use for natural pain relief. It was so exciting and I was feeling ready for the birth and when my waters broke a week before my due date, we called Anne in the middle of the night and she was so reassuring and said that she would be ready to come as soon as we needed her. Things didn’t go to plan though as my labour never started…We decided to keep trying to induce my labour at home over a period of 5 days, Anne supporting us every day and providing lots of guidance and encouragement and practical tools to try. She called out to the house to try some techniques to get baby into a more favourable position and also did a guided meditation for me and my partner to help us relax as pressure from the NHS was mounting…They kept trying to get me to come in for induction but we wanted to avoid this as far as possible and having Anne’s endless knowledge on all things birth and babies gave us the confidence to stay strong and aim for the natural birth we planned. Unfortunately, after 5 days with no progression, I was brought into hospital for induction and Anne was again so reassuring and said she would come in whenever we needed her. I was disappointed that this was how my birth was going to be, so far from what I envisioned but Anne was amazing at trying to make sure my birth plan was followed as best as possible and was always there with experience and knowledge when staff were trying to manipulate my wishes. I really couldn’t have done it without her! Through my labour (which was rather tough), Anne knew what would help me before I even knew I needed it! Offering me drinks, snacks, a soothing back rub and wafting essential oils and playing music to help me deal with contractions. She put in over 12 hours with us at the hospital, not complaining once and she was an absolute warrior for me. She was such a big part of our birth experience and she went above and beyond anything we expected of her and she really was a pillar of support for our wishes and birth plan when we were really up against it with the staff at the hospital. We have so much love for her and we are in awe of the work she does. Everybody needs Anne with them for their birth, regardless of what path they end up on because she is a wonderful woman who champions everybody’s right to birth the way they want to and she does it all with warm smiles and hugs along the way.’ Chantelle

‘I’m so glad I decided to book Anne as my postnatal doula. My husband and I don’t have any close family living nearby, so Anne’s visits provided invaluable support during our first weeks as new parents. She was a calming, judgment-free presence, and I felt so confident leaving her with my son while I took a much-needed nap or shower. She was always happy to offer newborn advice when I asked—not to mention all her extra gestures like bringing us food and offering to make us lunch. Don’t hesitate to book Anne as your postnatal doula!’ Christina

‘Our third birth has been quite the ride, with a pregnancy through Covid, online zoom HypnoBirthing, to an induced hospital birth and emergency delivery! We know for certain we wouldn’t have got through it all as well without your influence, guidance, knowledge and presence… We are very grateful.  The involvement of a Doula is a decision we are so thankful we made, and feel very lucky that it was you!’ Claire

I hadn’t heard of doulas until I was listening to a podcast after my first, very traumatic experience of birth. When I found out I was pregnant again one year later, I knew I would need the emotional support and security of having a Doula. I contacted Anne early in my pregnancy and was immediately struck by her deep knowledge and passion about birth. I decided to deliver in the Active Birthing Centre at the Royal hoping that we would be able to create a beautiful calm space for birthing my second baby. We also opted to do the hypnobirthing course to help prepare.

When the day came, I was having irregular surges all day and assumed it was early labour – that evening my waters broke and we called Anne. Soon after she arrived, I started trying to get ready to go to the hospital but once I changed positions things started moving very quickly and I could feel the baby moving down. I wasn’t going anywhere! Anne began helping me through surges which were right on top of each other and my husband left the room to ring the ambulance. A few minutes later my daughter was born. I was in complete shock but Anne reassured us that everything was fine and was able to guide us through the next steps after birth until the ambulance arrived. Anne turned what otherwise would have been a terrifying experience into a beautiful moment that I will always cherish. After the birth we were able to get a full golden hour with our baby in my own bed and started feeding within the first half hour.  

I had hoped for a drug-free, natural birth but wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it – the emotional support provided by a doula is the most powerful drug I have experienced, without the side-effects! I couldn’t recommend Anne more. She has a wonderful calm, reassuring presence and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of birth.’  Aideen

‘I am a 41 year old first time mother and gave birth to my baby in Belfast, which is not my home city. My mother was my birth partner and I chose Anne as my Doula as my baby would be the sixtieth birth that she had attended and she had had three children herself so I knew I would benefit from her experience in something I was experiencing for the first time.

I first chatted to Anne by phone to discuss how I hoped my birth would be and the support that I would like to receive from her.  Anne then sent me lots of materials, including sample birth preferences and information on hypnobirthing.  These were very useful in helping me to think about the different aspects of birth and to consider decisions that I might have to make before and during the birth and to prepare my mind for a calm birth.

I met Anne twice before the birth – and she helped me prepare further for example by teaching me about the physical processes of a normal birth and hypnobirthing techniques. Anne adapted these sessions to fit my needs and to supplement what I had learned at other antenatal classes.  She also gave me practical help – even taking me to the hospital during my first session when I was worried about my baby’s movements and printing my birth preferences as I didn’t have a printer. 

On the night I gave birth Anne took me to the hospital at 2am and she was so calm and professional and worked confidently and respectfully alongside the hospital staff and my mother. This made me feel that I had a united and expert team looking after and supporting me.  When needed Anne gave me gentle prompts and reminders of the breathing techniques which helped me through contractions and she supported me when I needed to make urgent decisions about deviations from my birth plan. She was encouraging and calm throughout. As a result, although many aspects of my birth did not go in accordance with my plan, with hindsight I would not have changed anything, even if I had more time to make my decisions. 

My beautiful baby boy arrived at 4.41am and Anne stayed with us while he did the breast crawl to reach my breast and have his first feed and until we had feeding established. 

A few days later Anne visited again so I could chat about the birth and we could share the lovely ‘groaning cake’ that she had brought – just one of the lovely personal touches that make Anne a wonderful doula, particularly for a first time mother.’ Rachel

‘I was birth partner for my daughter, Rachel, who had her first baby in Belfast.  Anne’s presence made the whole experience a great joy for us both.  She greatly contributed to the calm environment during the short labour. Together with the attentive care of doctors and midwives a healthy happy boy was born and now 3 weeks old he is enjoying his new surroundings! Thank you again,  Anne’  Barbara   

‘Choosing Anne as our doula was the easiest and best decision I’ve ever made!
Anne supported our family throughout pregnancy, with hypnobirthing sessions at our home when our toddler was in bed, she provided emotional support when I had difficulties with healthcare professionals and she was always 100% supportive and respectful of my birth choices. 
During our antenatal meetings and hypnobirthing sessions I feel we got to know Anne and she got to know us as a family. We all felt totally comfortable with each other. Anne helped us to learn more about the natural processes of pregnancy, labour and birth. Using hypnobirthing techniques I went from being worried about labour and birth – due to a previously traumatic birth, to being excited and looking forward to the birth. What a transformation! (Also, I can’t imagine a voice better suited to hypnobirthing than Anne’s, so soothing)
We had been planning a VBAC at home, which was not always well received by doctors and midwives, but Anne respected our decision and was sympathetic to our reasons for this. She was always there for me when I needed reassurance or to re-frame or re-focus my thoughts. She provided much needed emotional support and reminded me of my hypnobirthing tool kit when I needed it. 
After prodromal labour at home for 4 nights (and Anne’s middle of the night support though some of this time), at 42+1 weeks, my hopes of a home birth came shattering around me when I learnt at a routine appointment that baby was struggling during mild contractions and the decision was made for an immediate emergency cesarean. 
Due to my previous traumatic cesarean this was my worst nightmare, but I knew what to do. I contacted Anne, I just knew she would make it all OK for me. She dropped everything to be with me, arriving even before my husband did. She was like an angel walking into that hospital room. I felt my fears melting away. She reminded me of my hypnobirthing and I went into theatre feeling that bit more at peace. She stayed with my husband while I was prepped and provided much needed support for him too. She reminded him of hypnobirthing tools to help me during the operation and she waited for us to come out of theatre. 
Having Anne there and having our hypnobirthing strategies turned what was my worst nightmare into a positive experience. I avoided the trauma that I experienced during my first (planned) cesarean and managed to have a peaceful, positive experience of an emergency section. That’s quite the miracle!
I feel so honoured to have had Anne be part of our journey. She will always be so special to our family.’
‘I got in touch with Anne when I found out I was pregnant with our third child. My first birth was a classic ‘cascade of intervention’, leaving me with ongoing gynae issues and a complete fear of childbirth. My second was an elective Caesarian due to breech baby. So I was naturally quite anxious about how I would deliver our third, and researched doulas for some extra support.
From the offset Anne was amazingly patient and kind – we met briefly and then my husband also met her. We just knew she would make the difference and she really did; despite all my fears and worries, including Group B strep, I achieved a VBAC water birth with not one stitch!!!! I could not have asked for a better outcome and feel I’ve achieved closure after my two previous deliveries.
Anne was always at the end of the phone, offering support and guidance. She also supported me with hypnobirthing and came over for a pre-birth relaxation session. I felt more confident, relaxed and supported having her in my corner and her calm presence and unflappable nature just made me feel more self-assured.
Thank you so, so much Anne, for making my final birth such a positive and healing journey for me. I will never forget it.’   Rachel
‘We are truly privileged to have Anne as our doula.  A friend had shared her own experience of using this type of support and I knew I wanted and needed the same for the birth of my daughter. Anne held a safe space where I and my husband were able to receive the emotional support that was needed to get through a stressful and difficult pregnancy and we were able to make better-informed decisions with regards to my birth plan and ongoing health issues.  As a disabled mother to be, I faced a lot of challenges however, I was able to gain strength and courage that nothing was impossible and we could work through anything.  Anne has such a gentle and caring soul; we consider her one of the family now.’ Michelle and Bruce 
‘After a traumatic first birth experience with my twins I knew that having a doula would be key to having a positive second birth. I heard and read a lot about Anne and meeting her I had no doubt that she was the perfect doula for me and my family.
My dream was to have my vbac at home, in water, in a calm and peaceful environment and Anne helped me achieve exactly that! We practiced HypnoBirthing with her which was a huge help to keep me calm during challenging moments during the pregnancy and labour and Anne was there to gently whisper affirmations in my ear, release tension from my forehead and help me relax through a quick labour.
The birth was a dream come true. We met again afterwards to debrief and remember all the little details and celebrate the arrival of my third son. Anne is definitely considered a part of our family now and we will happily remember the birth for a very long time.’  Eve
‘After much searching and reflecting, I met with Anne, a Doula whose patience and a passionate interest, support and experience in the wellbeing of women before, during and after childbirth meant I felt connected from the word go during our initial meeting during the latter part of my second trimester.
The presence of a Doula goes beyond a birthing partner for me as also meant a gentle mothering figure, someone to reach out to for help, touch or just a glance to when having strong waves of surges (contractions). Whilst I chose to have my third baby in hospital and without knowing how or when I would give birth , it was important that I had a holistic sense of well-being and felt the natural side to the birthing of the baby even if in  what can be sometimes a clinical environment and I felt it was a Doula that can prompt you with all these things and help in any options that you may have to think about and above all remain calm and focussed.
Also having the practical help as a woman in the final stages needing extra help with the logistics of moving alongside the help and support of the midwives too. For me, it was and still is important to embrace the natural side of childbirth in all its stages in pregnancy and I found that a Doula can empower you as a woman and fill in the gaps of knowledge you may need to prepare you for birthing your baby the best you can.
I could not have managed without Anne at my side and she stayed a valuable 4 hours afterwards into the early hours of the morning and found the Doula support a healing and nurturing experience, something I would definitely have again and thoroughly recommend.’ Rebecca

‘The worst thing about using a doula for the birth of my second child was that I was cross with myself for not doing it the first time around. During and following the birth of my first son I felt lost; decisions  were made that I later regretted. I felt swept along by health service protocols and didn’t get anything the way I wanted it. The second time, with Anne was amazing. And it wasn’t because I was more confident the second time around. If anything I was more wound up because the first time had been so dreadful.

Anne empowered me and helped me to think logically and clearly. She was sensitive to my fears and my emotions; her wisdom helped me navigate those. She gave the right information at the right time and always in a balanced way. She helped me understand more thoroughly what the medics were telling me but also provided additional evidence-based information. Every time I felt overwhelmed her input helped me calm myself and ensure that I always felt well informed.

I had experienced five miscarriages before my second successful pregnancy. Prior to meeting Anne I was nervous about even being pregnant never mind going through labour again. She transformed the experience. I had a breezy easy pregnancy and felt that the decisions made during and following labour were mine. It was such a worthwhile investment. Having those positive pregnancy and labour experiences this time around helped me put the negative experiences of the first time to bed, but I also think that they helped me be a better and happier mother right from the start.

Anne is professional and highly competent, but more importantly she just slots in. Easy to be with. Fun. Considerate. And her presence meant my husband could focus on my other son which was crucially important to us. The only negative is that we missed her when it was all done.’ Katie

‘Anne is much more than a doula. Anne provided me with postnatal support that I literally could not have done without. From the very first days and weeks she was one of the only people I could really relax with and felt secure enough to leave the baby with in order to get some sleep during the day or have a shower. The bond she created with us is incredibly special. My baby is now 15 months old. Anne is now a great friend and when she last came to visit, the enormous smile and welcome that little Katie gave her was just spectacular, even though as we’d been away, she hadn’t seen her in a few months. Anne then proceeded to rock 15 month old baba to sleep whilst humming a little song to her that she sang to her when she was days old. No one else on this planet can rock this babby to sleep, including her mama, as she is nearly always breastfed to sleep! To me it just proved that very special bond Katie has with Anne. Katie felt safe, secure and relaxed enough to sleep in Anne’s arms, despite not seeing her for a few months. We will forever love our ‘Auntie’ Anne ‘!’ Nora

‘Thank you for supporting us throughout our birthing journey.  It really was more amazing that I could have imagined!  You are a fantastic doula.  I hope you can continue to do the work you do, and many more babies can be born to parents with your support and expertise.’ Owen 

‘Thank you for educating, empowering and supporting us through our birth journey, and for making the process enjoyable, exciting, magical and full of love.  I will always be grateful we found you. Tara 

‘This was our 3rd baby, the first two births had been traumatic both involving severe perineal tears. Despite this my gut instinct was to try a normal delivery again but wasn’t sure how to make it any different from before. I was reading the positive birth book and it said about doulas and how continuity of care before, during and after birth improved parents overall experience ( not just birthing lady but partner too). This made so much sense to me, it is such an important time and you remember every detail so well. Why not invest some money in someone to be focused solely to support you and be your advocate. So we searched for local doulas and found Anne.  Anne responsed very quickly and arranged to meet us. Immediately on meeting her I felt comfortable and cared for. She listened to our previous experiences and concerns about this pregnancy and birth with empathy.  Deciding to have Anne support us is one of the best choices we have made. 
We arrived at hospital and met Anne there,  she was great at helping communicate with hospital staff. I wanted to labour in the birth pool but staff felt there may not be time.  Anne suggested beginning to run the water and see how we got on. We ended up having a beautiful water birth which wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Anne.
She was a big support to my partner. I know he felt empowered and confident with her support. He truly was the “Guardian of oxytocin”!!
She helped with all the small things that we wanted but wouldn’t have been able to do during labour to keep birth calm, natural, lighting, music, lavender, took photos etc. 
Anne is very experienced and I would highly recommend her services. She is a lovely person and will always be very important to us. Anne is passionate about her work and I know she was genuinely overjoyed and honoured to be part of our journey. 
After this birth I felt euphoric, empowered, proud and connected.  It was one of the best experiences of my life.’   Holly 

‘First time mother and so glad I made the decision to have a doula.  Honestly, I could not imagine going through my labour without Anne.  My birth plan changed massively once I arrived at the hospital and everything I was afraid of happening happened.  But I was so grateful Anne was there.  She kept my anxiety at bay and walked me through everything that was happening around me and kept me calm and relaxed.  She has made what I would have believed to be a traumatic birth otherwise into a special moment that I will never forget.  Would highly recommend!’  Heather 

“After a traumatic first birth, I knew that I wanted to do things differently for my second baby.  I contacted Anne and was struck by her warm and understanding manner.  My husband and I were seeking more continuity of care and support than we had previously experienced… Anne provided this and more during the pregnancy and birth.  I chose to plan a home birth, but believe that whatever way I wanted to welcome my baby into the world she would have been fully supportive.  We encountered some obstacles in the process of planning the birth but she was always ready to listen and respond with words of encouragement and wisdom as well as facts and reason from her extensive research and continued professional development.  

In early labour I was glad to have someone to contact without feeling like a nuisance and Anne regularly checked how I was doing and sent me encouraging messages.  Later, she came to our home and I was glad of her suggestions to help me relax and cope with the hard work of birth… tens machine, rebozo, positioning, oils, massage… it was all so appreciated and I know she has many more tricks in her doula bag!  But best of all was the positive atmosphere she created with her attitude that birth should be a special experience – and it was. Our baby arrived swiftly and safely in our home and myself and my husband will always cherish those first few hours with our newly expanded little family and Anne ready in the background to anticipate our needs and assert our choices.  

In my first birth, I lost my voice and power.  In the second, Anne not only was a strong advocate for me but also helped me to make myself heard, making me feel dignified and powerful throughout the experience.”   Lauren 

“Thank you so much for your support during both pregnancy and (most importantly!) during labour.  It was invaluable having you there and I keep raving about how great doulas are to random pregnant woman!”   Amy

“My wife Evelyn and I were expecting our first child and she wanted a doula because she does not have any family here and my own mother is no longer with us. We discovered Anne’s website and arranged an initial meeting which went extremely well.

We found Anne very easy to talk to and were impressed with the breadth and depth of her knowledge about all aspects of childbirth. At the same time, she was always sensitive to our views and preferences, and did not try to change our minds about things we wanted. We also quickly realised that being a doula is a vocation for Anne, something she thoroughly enjoys and passionately believes in, rather than doing it to earn a living.

When the big day arrived, things did not go smoothly and it got quite hectic in the delivery room. Anne remained calm throughout and helped me to reassure Evelyn and encourage her during the delivery which was successful in the end.

Immediately afterwards, Evelyn had to be taken to the operating theatre so did not have much time for skin-to-skin contact with our baby. Anne suggested to the midwives that I could do this instead, to which they agreed. She then sat with me and helped me keep the baby calm until Evelyn was back and able to feed her. She even thought of taking a video of me with the baby so that Evelyn would be able to share in the experience.

Evelyn had to remain in hospital for a while and Anne visited her regularly as a postnatal doula, bringing fruit to aid her recovery and offering lots of useful suggestions on looking after the baby.

We are so blessed to have had Anne’s help, knowledge and companionship over the past few months. We would confidently state that you are unlikely to find a better doula in Northern Ireland.”  Dale & Evelyn

“Having Anne as our doula genuinely changed our experience of pregnancy and birth.  From the first contact to the birth itself we felt completely comfortable with her, she truly went above and beyond to be available and supportive. She ‘got’ what we needed and we felt that however the birth went, we were in a much stronger place having her there with us.
My first birth was a very difficult experience for us and left me deeply anxious and worried in my next pregnancies. Despite a calm birth at home with our second child, I still found preparing for birth a third time stressful, so we considered finding a doula for the first time. Anne really understood where we were coming from and immediately had practical suggestions to support us through the pregnancy.
During the birth itself she kept me calm through a rapid labour, and remembered and reminded the midwives of my wishes discreetly. It made a whole hour with just us and our baby possible after our daughter’s birth, and will always be one of my happiest memories.
I wholeheartedly recommend her – whether it’s your first or fourth and wherever/however you hope to give birth having someone like Anne to support you makes such a difference.”  Caragh

“The service Anne provided throughout the pregnancy and during birth was wonderful. She was very supportive of our birth wishes and took the time to thoroughly read and discuss our birth plan, which was very reassuring for both my partner and myself.
Being the Father during pregnancy and birth can be stressful for its own reasons. This was our third pregnancy and our second home birth. From our first meeting with Anne she was at pains to ensure our birth experience was as rewarding for me as it was my partner.
The birth experience itself was beautiful, and in no small part to Anne’s ability as a Doula. Her thorough knowledge of our birth plan meant that when things became more involved, we had someone with the experience to remember those key points.
After the birth Anne ensured that my partner, our new-born daughter and myself spent the first hour together alone. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had and a memory I will always cherish.
I have Anne to thank for that.”  Martin

“My first gorgeous child, a little boy of 18 months was born in 2016 at 38 weeks.  I was induced by oxytocin and it was hot and heavy.  During my second pregnancy this year, I decided I wanted a doula to keep me calm, focused and empowered, and boy that’s exactly what I got and so much more.  I gained a friend who I’m very grateful for.  My beautiful daughter was born in August 2017, also by induction, and Anne could not have done any more for me, during and after.  In fact words can’t really describe how she managed to make the clinical, sterile, unhomely, scary delivery suite magical. With each intense contraction, it was made bearable and when my little girl took us all by surprise by showing up quickly, Anne saw me panic and was my voice of reason and reassurance.

I am so grateful to Anne for all she did for me and my son, and at the awesome birth of my daughter.  It would have all been very different had I not had Motherdoula at my back and we will remember that forever!  If anyone I know announces a pregnancy, I cannot recommend Anne highly enough!” Elaine 

“This was my fourth baby, my second VBAC and the first one to have a doula, and Anne was exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted a natural birth – as natural as I could get, as I had to have my baby in the hospital.  We were very comfortable with Anne from the first time we met.  She gave us alot of information that we didn’t know; about my rights, and natural ways to deliver, and cope with labour.

While in labour, Anne just said and did everything I needed her to do.  I had the quick natural drug-free birth that I wanted.  We would highly recommend Anne to anyone who was considering employing a doula.”  Melissa and Steven

“My first delivery wasn’t ideal, leaving me with deep fears, anxiety and concerns about how the birth of baby number two would go, which caused me alot of stress throughout the early part of my second pregnancy.  That is until I met Anne, she helped alleviate my fears, helped me feel listened to, cared about and assured that this time things would be better and positive.  And indeed she was right.  Anne supported myself and my husband throughout my labour and helped me have a positive, empowering natural birth, the birth I had always hoped to have had the first time round.  She made me feel safe from the minute we arrived at the hospital, she asked all the right questions on my behalf, whilst maintaining a respectful and professional manner with all the midwives, doctors, etc, with whom we came into contact with.  She supported both myself and my husband in the delivery room, and kept everything upbeat and relaxed, which I am so grateful for!  I am so pleased to have had her at the birth and would recommend her highly!  You couldn’t get a nicer lady or a more fantastic doula and I will forever be grateful for her being there with us on the birth of our son.”  Vicki 

“This was my first baby and I was very nervous of the birth. I chose to have Anne as my doula to support me throughout the pregnancy and birth and I’m really glad I did. Anne was armed with plenty of information that put my mind at ease and meant I could enjoy being pregnant instead of worrying. At the birth I found Anne’s presence comforting and reassuring and I know that without her I would have been stressed out the whole time. Thanks to her natural pain relief and supportive words I got the drug free birth I had hoped for. I have lovely memories of coloured lights in the water, the scent of essential oils, my partner and Anne by my side and my beautiful baby at the end. Anne also captured these special moments on camera. After Anne’s last visit I felt sad to be saying goodbye to such a wonderful lady but if I have another baby I will definitely be giving her a call!”   Sarah 

“A friend of ours suggested that a post-natal doula might provide us with the support that we required.  She found Anne online and sent the details to Victoria.  There are currently very few doulas in Northern Ireland and so we did not interview more than one doula.  However, even if there had been numerous doulas to choose from we still would have chosen Anne.  Victoria made contact with Anne and within the same day she came out to meet our family and offered her support.  From the first meeting we found Anne’s personable, sympathetic and non-judgemental character very appealing and knew that she was the perfect person to help us through this turbulent and emotionally overwhelming period in our lives.

Anne is an incredibly emotionally sensitive individual and has such a warm personality, it would be difficult not to build a strong rapport with such a wonderful lady.”  Victoria & James 

“My wife and I were accompanied through our second child’s birth by Anne. This was the first time we have used a doula and we can thoroughly recommend the experience.

Right from meeting Anne we felt comfortable sharing our plans for a normal delivery following a previous Caesarean section. Anne made our birth environment comfortable and allowed us to concentrate on relaxing whilst Anne dealt with the extraneous factors.

It was also great to leave Anne to look after my wife when I arrived at the hospital and parked the car. Anne stayed with us the day before the birth and the night of the birth and only left when we were settled and happy. With Anne’s help and expertise we achieved the harmonious natural delivery we had been so determined to experience.  Thank you Anne!”    Alexander 

“I felt safe with Anne right from the off. She was recommended to me through another doula I went to school with and after a previous traumatic emcs I really needed a professional I could trust.

On the big day she intuitively knew when to be there and when to make the decision to go home to give me a break for a sleep when early labour progressed quite slowly. She knew when to melt into the background to give us our space when we needed it. It was great to have her help me make the decision to go to the hospital at the right time. She gave me the confidence to make the decisions when I needed to. She was great at reminding me to do the things I’d planned to do in my birth wishes plan. She also had good relaxation and painkilling skills up her sleeve!

It was such a comfort to know I had back up both at home and in the hospital, and that we weren’t alone in our endeavours to have a normal, natural birth after a caesarean. We were successful against the odds (malpostioned baby, slightly stalled labour) and Anne was fundamental in helping us create the right ambience for the job. Thank you Anne!”   Suzanne

“From the start Anne was supportive, understanding and helpful.  She listened to my concerns and through the birth of our daughter, her support was fantastic.  Anne really helped us to stay focused. Having Anne as our doula was awesome!”  Richard 

“Anne is calm and confident.  I knew that if my anxiety crept in, her calmness would be what I needed.  I knew that if I started to feel like I was losing control or started doubting myself, she would give me confidence.  I knew I could rely on her to see beyond policy and procedure so she could ensure I had all the information, risks, benefits and alternatives to make fully informed choices that were right for me and my baby.  She was able to pick up what my triggers were so she could step in to support me.  She was not only understanding of my wishes, but was able to adapt and support them as my birth plans and environment changed.  I loved having her to be a part of my daughter’s birth.”   Patricia 

“Anne visited me a couple of times, always taking her time to listen and getting to know my expectations.  She was very understanding with regards to my first experience at childbirth.  All I wanted was to have someone listening to my fears and wishes.  Anne was creative and supportive throughout the stages of labour.  Her emotional support was essential for me to have a great birth.  Anne was ever so sweet and discreet, letting me know she was right there if I needed her, but at the same time allowing space to bond with my baby. It’s been a wonderful experience from the first day!  If Anne is available she will definitely be my doula again.

Anne is an experienced mother, a caring, gentle, good-natured woman who absolutely loves her occupation, taking her time to fully listen to and support a mum-to-be’s wishes.  With her skilled knowledge on pain relief methods, she know exactly what to use and when to act, showing confidence and empathy all the time.

If someone asked me about the benefits of using a doula, I’d tell them about my positive experience, and how the presence of a doula can change the whole scenario and idea of childbirth.”  Ilana 

“I think that especially in Northern Ireland the conversation is more likely to be ‘have you thought about having a doula?’ as many people are still not familiar with the idea and the associated benefits. I would strongly encourage anyone to have a doula involved in their birth. I think that it dramatically reduced my fear and anxiety, contributes to fewer clinical interventions and transforms the role of the father. Dads attending births is still relatively new but there is really very little support to equip them with the skills and knowledge to undertake the role of birth partner confidently and therefore it can be a traumatic event for them. I think that Anne was a major source of encouragement and confidence to both of us.”   Caroline

‘Anne was very friendly, open and down to earth, and easy to talk to. Anne was organised and very knowledgeable, bringing information to me as discussed. Anne was supportive to my situation and open to changes.’    First time mum

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